sodmoxKid Moxie is a Greek singer/musician/actress based in Los Angeles.
Living her own version of the American dream, she was discovered by Nancy Sinatra’s producer, when rehearsing with her band mate in her garage! That led to their collaboration and her first album ‘Selector’, which gained large publicity and glorious reviews from the music press. Kid Moxie’s tracks have been used in various commercials and in popular TV series like the ‘Knight Rider’ and ‘The L Word’. She has also collaborated with Angelo Badalamenti in one of his projects.
As an actress, she has starred in various films and TV series and commercials. She has played alongside with Al Pacino in a stage play and a film, as well as with the ‘Sopranos’ stars Vincent Pastore and Katherine Narducci in ‘Slice’ movie. She was one of the co-stars of Kanye West and Rhianna in major product campaigns.
Kid Moxie is now working on her new album and various acting projects.

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