Athens, 2004: the Amateurboyz began throwing home parties at their place in Exarchia.

Their genuine love for diversity within dance music and their experimental yet fun sets began to attract a large, impromptu and enthusiastic party crowd. Amateurs play anything from No Wave, Punk Funk, Italo, Space and Mutant Disco set against many strains of House, Acid through to Belgian Beat and are not shy of throwing in the odd tasteful rave tune.

As Amateur Parties began outgrow their roots and branch out around the city, their DIY attitude led them to explore uncharted territories of the Athenian club scene, taking their varied, energetic sound to ironic, slightly seedy yet decedent but generally overlooked venues such as the “Meteorit” Russian Disco, the “Arena” Polish Club, the “BG” Bulgarian Disco ex-strip club and porn cinema, and the exotic tourist disco “Lavabore”. This kooky thinking ultimately became a huge hit with people who just wanna have fun and dance the nite away.

The success of their parties allowed the ‘boyz’ to introduce the Athenian crowd to international guest DJs and producers such as In Flagranti, Joakim, Eric Duncan of Rub N Tug & Still Going, Rory Phillips, Jacques Renault and Dj Kaos, to name but a few.

Alongside their own parties, the ‘Amateurs’ have also organized live showcases, presenting acts such as Rodion, Aids-3D live performance , Don Cash, Yacht and more.

The “boyz” also found time to involve themselves in projects such as Terence Koh’s performance piece at Destroy Athens – the First Athens Biennial (2007) Diesel’s xXx party in Athens, special events such as the Athenian Peres Projects Gallery party and to play alongside Horse Meat Disco and Juan Mclean/Poni Hoax

Five years on and the Amateurboyz are expanding once more. With similar enthusiasm and excitement as previous years, the randomness in selection, DIY mood and personalized graphic aesthetic will continue, this time in order to begin a record label – “Amateur Recordings”. Look out for their first release on

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