Nikko Patrelakis has released albums, singles and compilations around the world, under the electronica genre. He has composed and produced music for plays, films, TV and radio stations, as well as themes for ceremonies and international events.
As a DJ, he has contributed in the evolution of the Greek club scene, by playing as a resident or guest in all the major clubs, by promoting and organizing events with famous international DJs and parties, as well as by running a dance specialist record shop in Athens the 90’s called ‘Liquid Vinyl’.
In 1999, he produced and co-wrote a song with Paul McCartney for the needs of a fundraiser for the people with disabilities, called ‘Voice’. In 2001 he initiated ‘Smallhouse Records’ through which he releases his music. Three works of his were included in the Opening and Ending Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Athens, in 2004. His latest album ‘Echo’ was released in 2007.

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