MARSHEAUX are a female electro pop duo from Thessaloniki.
The two girls moved in Athens in 2000 and in 2003 they made MARSHEAUX in order to express their love for the electro-pop of the 80’s and the sounds of synthesizers and drum machines. The problem of naming the band was easily solved by combining the first syllables of their names, MARIANTHI and SOPHIE.
Their first release was a cover of the classic HOT BUTTER’s Popcorn with a great success in Greece. They make synth pop music in the tradition that YAZOO, HUMAN LEAGUE, DEPECHE MODE and OMD did.
They have toured Europe extensively and their live performances become instantly talk-of the-town.

Join them for an extravagant guest DJ set, full of electro-pop sounds!
Resident DJ Fo!

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